[OFFICIAL] Scrim Request Template

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[OFFICIAL] Scrim Request Template

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:22 am

Would you like to have a scrim with Infamous? If so, then fill in the template and post it below. We will then get back to you shortly.

Numbers of Players per side:
Banned weapons:
- No Uncapping.
- No Spawn Camping. (we appreciate it if the offensive team attempts to cap the flag/s, rather than spawn kill)
- No Glitching / Exploiting / Cheating of any kind.
- 1 point per round won.
- For a 6v6, any set up you want, with 1 commando limit.
- You are allowed to pause for most reasons. If we pause you have to explain the reason, and if it is decent then it will stay paused, if it is not, then it will continue.
- Start next round as soon as posible.
- There is no set time for how long each round goes for, and no set time on how long the scrim goes.
- NO subs from anyone not in your clan. If you cannot pull together atleast a 5v5 then you will have to forfeit.

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